The following people may be contacted by e-mail (replace <at> with @) or (if not otherwise noted) by phone 416.581.7551 or by fax 416. 581.7597

Susan Alexander

Susan joined the Ikura Lab in April 2010.

email: Susan.Alexander<at>
phone: 416-581-7563

Masahiro Enomoto

Masa completed his Ph.D. in March 2006 under the supervision of Dr. MinKyun Park at The University of Tokyo. After that, he had been studying the structure and function relationship of mouse IP3R in Dr. Katsuhiko Mikoshiba's lab as a postdoctoral fellow in RIKEN, Brain Science Institute in Japan. In April 2011, he joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. In April 2017,

Masa was appointed to scientific associate and project manager. His area of expertise is protein structure and function. He is studying calcium signaling molecules.

e-mail: Masahiro.Enomoto<at>

Teklab Gebregiworgis

Teklab joined the Ikura lab in January 2016 as a postdoctoral fellow. He completed his Ph.D. at University of Nebraska-Lincoln under the supervision of Prof. Robert Powers. Teklab is interested in biochemical, functional and structural characterization of small GTPase signaling proteins in cancer.

e-mail: Teklab.Gebregiworgis<at>

Ha-Neul Kim

Ha-Neul (Sky) joined the lab in April 2021 as a postdoral fellow. He completed his Ph.D. in 2020 under the supervision of Professor Min-Duk Seo at Ajou University. He is interested in studying protein structure and function related to calcium signaling.

e-mail: Ha-Neul.Kim<at>

Mitsuhiko Ikura

Mitsu is a Senior Scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute and Professor with the Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto. He is currently Canadian Research Chair in Structural Biology, and was previously a CIHR Senior Investigator, a Howard Hughes International Research Scholar and a Medical Research Council of Canada Research Scientist. His primary area of expertise is NMR spectroscopy of biomacromolecules.

University of Toronto Faculty Homepage

e-mail: Mitsu.Ikura<at>
phone: (416) 581-7550

Fenneke KleinJan

Fenneke joined the lab in April 2018 as a postdoctoral fellow. She completed her PhD at the University of Ulm under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kay Gottschalk. She is interested in structure-based drug discovery for small GTPases using in-silico methods, NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography.

email: Fenneke.KleinJan<at>

Ningdi Feng Liu


Ningdi joined the lab in January 2019 as a graduate student in the Department of Medical Biophysics (University of Toronto) after completing a BSc in Biochemistry (University of Edinburgh, 2018).  Ningdi is interested in the structure and regulation of RAF kinases. 

email: nf.liu<at>

Chris Marshall

Chris is a Staff Scientist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and Scientific Co-director and Manager of the Biophysical Protein Characterization Core Facility. His research focuses on the structure and function of signalling proteins relevant to cancer, particularly small GTPase proteins and components of the RAS-MAPK pathway. He is also interested in applying biophysical screening methods for the discovery of lead compounds to develop inhibitors of these oncoproteins. Chris obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of Biochemistry, Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario in 2005, studying the structure and function of antifreeze proteins under the supervision of Dr. Peter Davies. He performed postdoctoral studies on cancer signalling proteins with Dr. Mitsu Ikura at Princess Margaret.

e-mail: Chris.Marshal<at>

Genevieve Seabrook

Geneviève is a Scientist, NMR Research & NMR Core Facility Manager at the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Centre. She joined the lab in January 2008. She is a biomolecular NMR specialist interested in structure-function relationships of bio-molecules, particularly proteins involved in cancer signaling pathways. Her major interests are drug discovery by NMR with ligand screening and drug design to optimize lead compounds and improve affinity, with the goal of advancing the development of personalized medicine, as well as real-time NMR studies of protein phosphorylation to provide insight into their biological function.

email: Genevieve.Seabroo<at>

Le Zheng

Le joined the Ikura lab in April 2001 as a lab technician. She did her undergraduate in China and had been working at the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences before she came to Canada. In January 2007, Le entered the Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto as a Master student, under the supervision of Dr. Mitsuhiko Ikura. After finshing her degree, Le rejoined the Ikura lab and has served as a laboratory manager since April 2010.

e-mail: Le.Zheng<at>