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Protein Structure Atomic Coordinates

  • 1NWD   NMR structure of Ca2+-calmodulin bound to the dimeric C-terminal domain of Petunia glutamate decarboxylase
  • Yap, K.L., Yuan, T., Mal, T.K., Vogel, H.J. and Ikura, M. (2003) Structural basis for simultaneous binding of two carboxy-terminal peptides of plant glutamate decarboxylase to calmodulin. J. Mol. Biol. 328,193-204.

  • 1N4K   Crystal Structure Of The Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Receptor Binding Core In Complex With IP3
  • Bosanac, I., Alattia, J.R., Mal, T.K., Chan, J., Talarico, S., Tong, F.K., Tong, K.I., Yoshikawa, F., Furuichi, T., Iwai, M., Michikawa, T., Mikoshiba, K. and Ikura, M. (2002) Structure of the Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Receptor Binding Core in Complex with its Ligand. Nature 420, 696-700.

  • 1MYW   Crystal structure of a Yellow Fluorescent Protein With Improved Maturation and Reduced Environmental Sensitivity
  • Rekas, A., Alattia, J.R., Nagai, T., Miyawaki, A. and Ikura, M. (2002) Crystal structure of Venus, a Yellow Fluorescent Protein with Improved Maturation and Reduced Environmental Sensitivity. J. Biol. Chem. 277, 50573-50578.

  • 1IQ5   Crystal structure of Ca2+/Calmodulin-CaMKK peptide Complex
  • Kurokawa, H., Osawa, M., Kurihara, H., Katayama, N., Tokumitsu, H., Swindells, M.B., Kainosho, M. and Ikura, M. (2001) Target-Induced Conformational Adaptation of Calmodulin Revealed by the Crystal Structure of a Complex with Nematode Ca2+/Calmodulin-Dependent Kinase Kinase Peptide. J. Mol. Biol. 312, 59-68.

  • 1JOY   Homodimeric Domain of EnvZ
  • Tomomori, C., Tanaka, T., Dutta, R., Park, H., Saha, S.K., Zhu, Y., Ishima, R., Liu, D., Tong, K.I., Kurokawa, H., Qian, H., Inouye, M. and Ikura, M.  (1999) Solution Structure of the Homodimeric Domain of Escherichia Coli Histidine Kinase EnvZ.  Nat. Struct. Biol. 6, 729-734.

  • 1CKK   NMR structure of Ca2+/Calmodulin-CaMKK peptide Complex
  • Osawa, M., Tokumitsu, H., Swindells, M.B., Kurihara, H., Orita, M., Shibanuma, T., Furuya, T., and Ikura, M. (1999)  A Novel Target Recognition by Calmodulin Revealed by its Solution Structure in Complex with a Peptide Derived from Ca2+ Calmodulin Dependent Protein Kinase Kinase. Nature Struct. Biol. 6, 819-824.

  • 1JBA   Unmyristoylated GCAP-2
  • Ames, J.B., Dizhoor, A.M., Ikura, M., Palczewski, K., and Stryer, L. (1999)  Three-dimensional Structure of GCAP-2, a Calcium Sensitive Modulator of Photoreceptor Guanylyl Cyclases.  J. Biol. Chem. 274, 19329-19337.

  • 1BXD   Histidine Kinase Domain of EnvZ
  • Tanaka, T., Saha, S.K., Tomomori, C., Ishima, R., Liu, D., Tong, K.I., Park, H., Dutta, R., Qin, L., Swindells, M.B., Yamazaki, T., Ono, A.M., Kainosho, M., Inouye, M. and Ikura, M. (1998) NMR
    Structure of the Histidine Kinase Domain of the E. Coli Osmosensor EnvZ.  Nature 396, 88-92.

  • 1TBA   TBP-TAFII230 Complex
  • Liu, D., Ishima, R., Tong, K.I., Bagby, S., Kokubo, T., Muhandiram, D.R., Kay, L.E., Nakatani, Y. and Ikura, M. (1998)  Solution Structure of a TBP-TAFII230 Complex: Protein Mimicry of the Minor Groove Surface of the TATA Box Unwound by TBP.  Cell 94, 573-583.

  • 1MUX   Ca2+/Calmodulin-W-7 Complex
  • Osawa M., Swindells, M.B., Tanikawa, J., Tanaka, T., Mase, T., Furuya, T. and Ikura, M. (1998) Solution Structure of Calmodulin-W-7 complex: Basis of Diversity NMRin Molecular Recognition. J. Mol. Biol. 276, 165-176.

  • 1JSA   Calcium-bound Myristoylated Recoverin
  • Ames, J.B., Ishima, R., Tanaka, T., Gordon, J.I., Stryer, L. and Ikura, M. (1997) Molecular Mechanics of Calcium-Myristoyl Switches. Nature 389,198-202.

  • 1EDH   E-Cadherin Domains 1 & 2 in Complex with Calcium
  • Nagar, B., Overduin, M., Ikura, M. and Rini, J.M. (1996) Structural Basis of Calcium-induced E-Cadherin Rigidification and Dimerization. Nature 380, 360-364.

  • 1SUH   Amino-Terminal Domain of Epithelial Cadherin in the Calcium Bound State
  • Overduin, M., Tong, K.I., Kay, C.M. and Ikura, M. (1996) 1H, 15N and 13C Resonance Assignments and Monomeric Structure of the Amino-Terminal Extracellular Domain of Epithelial Cadherin. J. Biomol. NMR 7, 173-189.

  • 1TFB   Human General Transcription Factor TFIIB Core Domain
  • Bagby, S., Kim, S., Maldonado, E., Tong, K.I., Reinberg, D. and Ikura, M. (1995) The Solution Structure of the Carboxy-terminal Core Domain of Human TFIIB: Similarity to Cyclin A and Interaction with the TATA Binding Protein Cell 82, 857-867.

  • 1DMO   Calcium-free Calmodulin
  • Zhang, M., Tanaka, T. and Ikura, M. (1995) Solution Structure of Apocalmodulin: Conformational Transition Induced by Calcium Binding. Nat. Struct. Biol. 2, 758-767.

  • 1IKU   Myristoylated Recoverin in the Calcium-free State
  • Tanaka, T., Ames, J.B., Harvey, T.S., Stryer, L., Ikura, M. (1995) Sequestration of the Membrane-targetting Myristoyl Group of Recoverin in the Calcium-free State. Nature 376, 444-448.

  • 1PRS (30 structures) 1PRR (minimized average structure)   Development-Specific Protein S (Spore Coat Protein S)
  • Bagby, S., Harvey, T.S., Eagle, S.G., Inouye, S. and Ikura, M. (1994) NMR-Derived Three-Dimensional Solution Structure of Protein S Complexed with Calcium. Structure 2, 107-122.

  • 2BBN (21 structures) 2BBM (minimized average structure)   Calmodulin (Calcium-bound) Complexed with Rabbit Skeletal Myosin Light Chain Kinase (Calmodulin-binding Domain)
  • Ikura, M., Clore, G.M., Gronenborn, A.M., Zhu, G., Klee, C.B. and Bax, A. (1992) Solution Structure of a Calmodulin-target Peptide Complex by Multidimensional NMR. Science 256, 632.


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Yap KL, Ames JB, Swindells MB, Ikura M.
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Yap KL, Ames JB, Swindells MB, Ikura M.
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