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Rober R. Noble Award Ceremony


Christmas Party at Mitsu's: Mitsu and Kazue, Peter, Feng's getting his gift, group photos


Signaling Biology Division Retreat at Royal Botanic Garden: Mitsu at opening ceremony, Chris is giving a talk, seminor time, lunch time, group photo


Ikura Lab Retreat at Royal Botanic Garden, Geocaching teams, green team: Melissa, Peter and Chris; white team: Max, Feng and Carl; red team: Masumi, Fernando and Zhihong; blue team: Jenny, Le and Genevieve; black team: Matt, Noboru and Brian; pink team: Mitsu, Carol, Fiona and Steve; Nature Interpretive centre


Lubert and Mitsu at Stockholm; lab retreat at Toronto zoo; Mitsu's BBQ


KIAS; Sapporo; Niagara on the lake; lab retreat, winery visit; summer student; BBQ at Mitsu's; Chris at Halloween


Ikura Lab retreat at Toronto Centre Island: Harbourfront, BBQ time, Horea and Chris, Le and Ikuko on quadricycle, Tian happy face, relaxing time.


Kyoko's last day: 707 ladies; dim sum lunch; with Mitsu


Dim sum in Toronto; a rare moment; lab retreat, rafting; summer student presentations


ICMRBS 2002, Toronto: Banquet night; conference organizers; work crew; friends


Keystone Meeting, Big Sky Montana; Lab retreat at Christie's Mill; the Inn; Le and Kit; Kyoko and Jane; Ahmad and Tapas.


At ICMRBS 2000, Florence Italy; Fukui University of Technology; (2-3) Nathan Bagby in Bath; on the dock; relaxing on a Monday?! 


From left to right: Noodles in Sapporo; (2-4) Cheryl's BBQ; Tim taking it seriously as usual; lunch in Avalon.


From left to right: receiving the William E. Rawls Prize; by the Little Mermaid; outside Tonkatsu restaurant; Mitsu's BBQ; JR in a charity bed race; the two lab groups in the 7th floor atrium.


From left to right: in a Kyoto subway; with Lubert Stryer; eating in Hawaii.

Before 1996

From left to right: in Switzerland; moving house; in Tsukuba; singing karaoke.