interhlx - Interhelical angle program (with sign designation) - Oct. 20, 1998

Sign convention is as described in Drohat et al. (1996) Biochemistry 35:11577-11588.


Download SGI/Solaris/Linux/MacOSX Darwin executables, sample input/output files and README file
(untar into directory called 'interhlx':  tar xvf interhlx.tar)

Read the README file

Thanks to Dr Jack Howarth (U of Cincinnati) for the Darwin executable.


There is no published paper associated with the program, although something like the following would be adequate:

"..interhelical angles were calculated using interhlx (K. Yap, University of Toronto).."

The interhelical angle reported by interhlx is 180 degrees minus angle theta reported by the program VGM.  If this is noted (and since the latest version of interhlx uses code from VGM), then the following may be cited:

Yap, K.L., Ames, J.B., Swindells, M.B. & Ikura, M. (2002) Vector Geometry Mapping: a method to characterize the conformation of helix-loop-helix calcium binding proteins.  Methods Mol Biol 173:317-324.  [Medline] [PDF]

Future modifications: Thanks to W. Chazin, M. Nelson and L. Mäler for suggestions for improvement.